Space Pirates - Grid Wars

Do battle with a lot of crazy pirates as you fight your way through 60 levels of mayhem in deep space. You are in command of the Stingray Mk IV, the galaxy’s state of the art deep space combat vessel. The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rid the galaxy of all pirate ships. Encounter some crazy indestructible aliens along the way, and use your surroundings to clear the levels. Choose to fire your weapons at the enemy or move your ship to a new grid position. Think carefully before you act since you can only choose one of these actions per turn. During your battles you will encounter three types of pirate ships. Each ship is more deadly then the other and may require you to adjust your strategy.

The following ship designs appear in the game:

Stingray Mk IV - Your ship with side firing lasers.

Hammerhead Mk I - A pirate vessel who’s sole aim is to ram you. This ship has no weapons and does not carry a very smart crew.

Hammerhead Mk II - A pirate vessel who’s sole aim is to ram you. This ship has no weapons but its crew will try and avoid obstacles and other enemy pirates.

Manta Ray - The most dangerous pirate ship of them all. This ship has side firing lasers and its crew will try to avoid obstacles and other pirate ships. They know how to use their lasers and do not care who or what gets in their way.

This is an alien from another universe. It has indestructible armor and shields and goes where it wants without any regard for other ships in its path.

A brief word about obstacles:

Planets and asteroids are natural barriers that only aliens can cross safely. You and the pirates cannot go across a grid space that contains these obstacles. In fact, pirates can and do slam into the obstacles from time to time.

The wormholes on the edges of the grid teleport you to a random spot on the map. Beware, it may help in a pinch but it could put you right beside an enemy ship.