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Summit Exercises and Tiny Count Down. Use these apps to track your fitness program and time your exercises.

• New: PT Goniometer

Use your iDevice to measure a patient's range of motion. Record and print measurements.

Bailout!!! Tournaments

A bunch of crazy sky divers decided it would be fun to dive out of a helicopter above the Pacific Ocean. Little did they suspect that the spot they choose was shark infested. Lucky for them a lone fisherman in a small boat spotted them and decided to try and rescue them.

You are the lone fisherman trying to save as many sky divers from the sharks. How many will you be able to save?

Updated from its original counterpart to support Skillz for online head to head and multiplayer competition this version of Bailout!!! is more fast paced and exiting.

Game play:

Playing the game is easy. Use one of the control methods to move the fisherman left or right and catch as many of the divers as you can. Each diver is worth one point each. If a diver falls into the water that diver is lost to the circling shark. Watch out for the mischievous monkey in the tree. He will throw coconuts at your head every once in a while. If you are hit by a coconut you will be temporarily stunned.

Power ups will appear randomly through out the game and can help you advance your score.

Blue timers slow down time allowing you breathing room as you maneuver your boat to catch the sky divers.

Watch out for the red timers since these will increase the game speed, making it more challenging to catch the sky divers as they jump from the helicopter.

Lastly, white bottles will allow you to save the divers that have landed in the water. Tap the divers to save them and earn additional points in doing so.


Green Divers - 2 pts each, worth 1 pt when rescued from the water.
Red Divers - 5 pts each, worth 3 pts when rescued from the water.


• Two ways to control the fisherman - touch or slide. 
• Two game modes when playing through Skillz, standard and a 90 sec time challenge game mode.
• Three power up items where added to the game, slow down time, save divers in the water to extend game play for higher scores, and speed up time to catch more divers. 
• Game center enabled - compare your high scores with those of your friends. 
• In App purchase available to remove ads in game. 
• Full Facebook integration with leaderboards and challenges.