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Summit Exercises and Tiny Count Down. Use these apps to track your fitness program and time your exercises.

• New: PT Goniometer

Use your iDevice to measure a patient's range of motion. Record and print measurements.

Training Timers

Training Timers

Offering a wide range of timers to choose from and the ability to share them with your friends and other devices, you'll never need another timer app again. 

If you use an Apple Watch get timely notifications when an exercise ends and see what exercise follows. You can also select a timer on the watch and control it if you install the Apple Watch version of the app to your watch.
Timers Offered:

- Simple Timer: good for stretching and single exercises. Also good for cooking!
- HIIT Timer: good for interval training. Provides an interchangeable low and high intensity timer. 
- Circuit Timer: good for circuit training. Allows you to add multiple timed exercises to the workout. 
- Tabata Timer: similar to a circuit timer but then with 8 sets. Also allows multiple exercises.
- Round Timer: good for a single exercise that needs to be repeated often. Offers a break timer between rounds. 
- Compound Timer: Combine multiple different timers to form a complex timed workout. 

Features of Timers:

Each timer offers the ability to set audio alerts, exercise music, and warmup and cool down timers. 
Audio alerts include short and long beeps for count ins and count downs. Voice alerts are also available, including the option to speak the name of individual timers and exercises. 

Color code your exercise and warmup/cool down timers so you can easily identify what exercise you are on. 

Most timers also offer an overrun option that allows the timer to continue after it has completed. 

Timers offering multiple exercises also offer a randomization option to mix up the workout. 

All timers offer the option of a three second count in before the start of the exercise. 

Custom Audio Files:

Using iTunes it is possible to upload your own MP3 music files to the app.  Once a file has been transferred to the app it will be available under the Exercise Music->Custom Audio File section of each timer. You can use iTunes to remove any files you no longer want,thereby freeing up space on your device.


- Bug fixes for timer sequencing.
- Updated to support iOS 10.
- Added Siri Support: You can now start your workouts by saying "Start 'workout name' using Training Timers"
- Added the ability for full screen colors during workouts.
- App settings sync between devices if iCloud is enabled and available.
- Updated Dutch language.

Sales Tax Calculator

Quickly compute the sales tax of an item or multiple items.


- Compute the tax of an item or items quickly.
- Add or subtract amounts
- Use on your iPhone or iPad
- Apple Watch support.
- Specify the sales tax in the settings app and watch kit app.

Summit Exercises

Track your Summit Wellness Center exercise programs in the palm of your hand.  Great for if you need to work out at home or when on vacation. Keep track of your current  set of exercises, and if your exercises need to be timed, use the handy built in countdown timer(s) to track your progress while performing an exercise.


- Designed to be easy to use.
- Share your exercises between your mobile devices. (Android coming soon!)
- Your physical therapist can create your workout program for you and upload it to your device via email, or Air Drop.
- Stores multiple exercise programs, great for tracking changes to your workouts or if you use workout sets.
- Timed exercises have a built in timer control, never look for another stop watch again.
- Timed exercises resume when you restart the app after a call or other device activity.
- Notifications, if accepted, keep you informed when timers end.
- Timed exercises with multiple sets track what set you are on.
- Added Apple Watch support.  View and edit exercises and workouts straight from the watch. Interact with timers, starting or stopping them from the watch or the phone.

Android App Now Available!!!

The Android version of this app can now be downloaded from the following link
Drop Box File. The file is self signed so you may need to authorize the device to install the app since it is not yet on the Google Play Store.

Tiny Count Down

If you need to time something for less than an hour then this app is just right for you. Its a very simple Count Down timer that supports notifications and Handoff.


- Simple to use.
- Can time an event that is less than an hour.
- Has built-in support for notifications so that you still get notified when the time runs out even if you are working in another app.
- Has a built-in 3 seconds count down towards the end of the timer.
- Allows you to handoff  to other iDevices.
- Added Apple Watch support. Start/Stop timer from the watch.

Handoff Note:

When handing off and active timer to another device the time might not match due to time differences between devices.  If you want handoff to work successfully both devices should have their times synchronized.

PT Goniometer

Turn your iDevice into a tool to measure a persons' s range of motion. Designed with Physical Therapists in mind the app can capture motion ranges along all three iDevice axis. Individual patient profiles allow you to capture and store motion data on a per patient basis.  You can then review historical data to see how the patient has made progress.


- Individual profiles for each patient
- Unlimited data captures, take as many motion measurements per patient as needed.
- Use the iDevice Gyroscope to capture angular measurements or input them yourself.
- Data capture allows you to enter "End Feel" information
- Each motion capture item available has data about the motion such as normal range, end feel, position, etc.
- Help for each motion capture show how to hold the device to take accurate measurements.
- Device axis is preselected for each motion capture event, you can however opt to change the axis of the Device that will capture the angular measurement.
- Start with a 0° measurement, or use a custom start angle for patients that cannot start at a 0° position.
- Set the side (L/ R/ NA) of the motion capture being taken.
- Fully searchable reports per profile
- Print reports on a per day basis, or email the data as HTML for further editing. 
- Airdrop support allows you to send a report file to your computer for further editing.
- Customization options allow you to declutter the measurement interface and customize number formats.

Taking Measurements:

- Select the type of measurement you wish to take.
- When the measurement screen appears, the best axis of rotation is selected for you. 

The images below show the axis of rotation and the tilt of the iDevice based on the selected axis. Each case is different and you are encouraged to experiment with the different axis to get the best results. 

- The info button beside the Passive | Active switch provides details on how to conduct the measurement and a help feature to show you how to rotate the device based on the selected axis.

- Use the 0° | Custom start angle to choose if the device will use 0° as its starting point or a custom angle to be determined first before  taking the actual angle measurement.

- You can also choose to enter angle measurements directly using the keyboard.

- Press the save button once all measurement data has been properly entered to create a record of the measurement that can be reviewed, revised, and printed once measurement is complete.

Tiny Shopping List

Store all your shopping lists in one convenient place and share whole lists or individual list items between one ore more iDevices. Import lists created with the Excel or Numbers template supplied on the support site, and export your lists in a variety of ways and formats.  Creating and sharing shopping information has never been simpler.


- Easy to use right from the start, create your lists and start entering items quickly.
- Auto tallying of prices and quantities per list item.
- A total cost for all items in a list.
- Check or uncheck list items to mark them completed/uncompleted.
- Set up to 20 location based alarms that trigger reminders.
- For each location alert, set how the alert is triggered (On Entry, On Exit, Both).
- Set an Alarm based alert on a per list basis.
- Import CSV files from Numbers and Excel with the appropriate columns into the app. Click here to access the templates via Dropbox
- Multiple ways to export a list and multiple file export formats.
- Export individual list items as Text or HTML.
- Share individual list items using Email and Air Drop.
- File Formats include CSV, Text, and HTML
- Import files via iCloud or iTunes or even Air Drop
- Supports iCloud for synchronizing app settings between devices
- Added Apple Watch support. View your lists and mark items completed on the watch.

Version 2.3 Update Features:

- Completely updated for the latest versions of iOS and watchOS
- Added a tool menu to the list of shopping items to clean up the interface.
- View notes and purchase details directly in the shopping items table
- New import and export menus that feel more user friendly.
- Added  a sync button to the phone and watch versions to allow manual syncing of data from one device to the other.
- Heavy changes to the watch interface.
- Watch app can now function almost n its own.
- Create, delete, and edit items straight on the watch for on the go additions. These additions will be synced to the app if the watch is paired with a suitable device.
- context sensitive menus when swiping left on the watch app.
- Be sure to swipe on the item to get the proper context menu for the item.
- Added a Today extension that will alert you if you need to buy items from a certain list.
- Alerts in the Today view are based on alarms and locations set within the app using the alarm functions provided by the app.

Template Files:

Sample templates for use with Excel and Numbers can be found at the following Dropbox link. Use these files to start your own lists and save them as CSV files for import into Tiny Shopping List.

Usage: (V2.3)

iPhone and iPad Instructions:

Using the app is straight forward. Press the + buttons to add lists or list items.  Use the wrench icon to call up a tool menu that will allow you to modify list items.  From left to right the buttons perform the following actions:

Organize: Move or Copy list items between existing lists.  Pressing this button will put the list items of the current list into selection mode.  Selecting a list item when in this mode will mark it with a checkmark on the right hand side. To deselect the list item, select it again to remove the checkmark. When you are ready to move or copy the items click the button labeled Done at the top right of the screen.

Unmark All Items: This button clears all checked items from the list.  Any item with a checkmark on the left side and a line through it will be reset.

Alarms: Selecting this button will provide you with options to set both a time based alarm and a location based alarm.

Re-Order: Pressing this button will put the list items into re-order mode.  Tap and hold  the icon with many lines beside a list item to initiate drag and drop. Keep holding down on this icon while dragging your finger up and down to change the order of the selected list item.  When done re-ordering items, press the wrench tool icon to call up the tool menu. Now press the Re-order button again.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the list menu which allow you to export, sync, and import items into the app.

Export: Press the button to initiate an export of an existing list. This will put the list menu into selection mode. The background color will change to indicate that you are in selection mode. Select an existing list to call up a menu with export options. When you are done exporting the list menu will exit selection mode.

Sync: Press this button to sync all data on the phone with the watch. Existing data on the watch will be updated with the current values of the phone.

Import: Press this button and select where you wish to import from. Navigate to the file you want to import and select it to start the import process. During the import process you can choose to import items into an existing list, or create a new list which will contain the list items being imported.

Watch Instructions:

The watch app has been completely re-designed since version 2.1. To initiate a sync of all watch data to the phone long press the list menu screen and press on the sync menu button.  If a watch is paired with a phone data is sent between the two to keep the two devices in sync automatically. You would use the manual sync if changes where made while the watch was either not paired with the phone or the phone was out of range.

You use the crown to select the list you want to view.  Swipe left on a list name to displat a context menu that will allow you to re-name the list, add a new list, or delete the list.

The list items screen is similar to the list menu screen. You use the crown to select a list item and the swipe left to display editing options fro that item.  You can add new items to the list,  mark an item as completed, or delete the list item.

To view and edit a list item click on the view button after selecting a list item with the crown. A new screen shows the list item's details. Scrolling to the bottom of the screen will present an edit button which will put the current screen into editing mode. Tap the back button on the top left of the watch marked by the < symbol to exit editing mode.

You can see the changes mentioned above in the screen shots below.

Screenshots V2.1:


Screenshots V2.3:

Egg Frenzy Skillz

Do you have what it takes to take on a frenzy of egg laying chickens? Try to catch as many eggs as you can while the chickens whiz by the conveyor belt and lay their eggs when you least expect it.

Compare your high scores with those of your friends and see how many chickens and eggs you where able to process.

The game supports Air Play so enjoy the game on the big screen and use your phone or pad as a joystick.

This version of the game support Skillz, 

challenge your friends and earn some cash doing so.  All regular Egg Frenzy features are still supported.


The following eggs are worth different points:

10 points

30 points

90 points

The Color of the Chicken determines the type of egg it will lay: (version 1.5.3 and up)

This chicken lays Golden eggs 

 This chicken lays random colored eggs (white, gold, rainbow)

This chicken only lays white eggs

This chicken will lay only rainbow colored eggs.


How good are you at spotting and forming words? Test your skill with this word forming game that pits your word forming skills against the clock as you move blocks of letters into position to form words before the timer runs out. 

Try to beat your friend's high score on Facebook or Game Center and swap power up items when connected through Facebook. 


Facebook support for sharing scores and power up items with your friends. 
⌾ Game Center Leaderboards. 
⌾ Facebook Leaderboards. 
⌾ A in-game hint button to help suggest words. 
⌾ An extensive English dictionary. 
⌾ The ability to check if a word exits in the supplied dictionary. 
⌾ Six Power Up Items: 
〉Additional time 
〉Swap a block 
〉Swap a Column 
〉Swap a Row 
〉New Random Grid 
〉Bomb - blow up all blocks and reset the grid 
⌾ iCloud support to sync preferences and coins amongst devices. 
⌾ Support for playing songs from your own playlist.

Game Play

The objective of the game is to form words and remove lines of blocks from the screen.  Each level will shorten the available time to find and form a word. Failure to form a word within the allowed time will result in a line of blocks being added to the screen.  The game ends when the screen is filled up with blocks.

You will earn a coin for every 100 points you score.  Use these coins to purchase power ups from the shop or use them to view a word hint.  Hints cost 2 coins a hint.  If you have a power up available you can choose to use it any time or gift it to one of your friends on Facebook.  Gifted items are removed from your inventory.

If you enable the iCloud sync setting, your inventory and settings will be synced across all your iCloud enabled devices.

Power Ups

Adds extra time to the clock so you have more time to form a word.

Swap two blocks to either help form a word or form a word instantly.

Swap two Columns of blocks to help move blocks into position faster.

Swap two Rows of blocks to help move blocks into position faster.

Replaces the grid of blocks with a new random set of blocks.

The Bomb!!! It blows up the grid and resets it to its default starting size.

When you can't seems to spot a word press this button to get a hint. Hints cost 2 coins to view but if for some reason the hint cannot find word, no coins will be subtracted from you.

Bailout!!! Tournaments

A bunch of crazy sky divers decided it would be fun to dive out of a helicopter above the Pacific Ocean. Little did they suspect that the spot they choose was shark infested. Lucky for them a lone fisherman in a small boat spotted them and decided to try and rescue them.

You are the lone fisherman trying to save as many sky divers from the sharks. How many will you be able to save?

Updated from its original counterpart to support Skillz for online head to head and multiplayer competition this version of Bailout!!! is more fast paced and exiting.

Game play:

Playing the game is easy. Use one of the control methods to move the fisherman left or right and catch as many of the divers as you can. Each diver is worth one point each. If a diver falls into the water that diver is lost to the circling shark. Watch out for the mischievous monkey in the tree. He will throw coconuts at your head every once in a while. If you are hit by a coconut you will be temporarily stunned.

Power ups will appear randomly through out the game and can help you advance your score.

Blue timers slow down time allowing you breathing room as you maneuver your boat to catch the sky divers.

Watch out for the red timers since these will increase the game speed, making it more challenging to catch the sky divers as they jump from the helicopter.

Lastly, white bottles will allow you to save the divers that have landed in the water. Tap the divers to save them and earn additional points in doing so.


Green Divers - 2 pts each, worth 1 pt when rescued from the water.
Red Divers - 5 pts each, worth 3 pts when rescued from the water.


• Two ways to control the fisherman - touch or slide. 
• Two game modes when playing through Skillz, standard and a 90 sec time challenge game mode.
• Three power up items where added to the game, slow down time, save divers in the water to extend game play for higher scores, and speed up time to catch more divers. 
• Game center enabled - compare your high scores with those of your friends. 
• In App purchase available to remove ads in game. 
• Full Facebook integration with leaderboards and challenges.