How good are you at spotting and forming words? Test your skill with this word forming game that pits your word forming skills against the clock as you move blocks of letters into position to form words before the timer runs out. 

Try to beat your friend's high score on Facebook or Game Center and swap power up items when connected through Facebook. 


Facebook support for sharing scores and power up items with your friends. 
⌾ Game Center Leaderboards. 
⌾ Facebook Leaderboards. 
⌾ A in-game hint button to help suggest words. 
⌾ An extensive English dictionary. 
⌾ The ability to check if a word exits in the supplied dictionary. 
⌾ Six Power Up Items: 
〉Additional time 
〉Swap a block 
〉Swap a Column 
〉Swap a Row 
〉New Random Grid 
〉Bomb - blow up all blocks and reset the grid 
⌾ iCloud support to sync preferences and coins amongst devices. 
⌾ Support for playing songs from your own playlist.

Game Play

The objective of the game is to form words and remove lines of blocks from the screen.  Each level will shorten the available time to find and form a word. Failure to form a word within the allowed time will result in a line of blocks being added to the screen.  The game ends when the screen is filled up with blocks.

You will earn a coin for every 100 points you score.  Use these coins to purchase power ups from the shop or use them to view a word hint.  Hints cost 2 coins a hint.  If you have a power up available you can choose to use it any time or gift it to one of your friends on Facebook.  Gifted items are removed from your inventory.

If you enable the iCloud sync setting, your inventory and settings will be synced across all your iCloud enabled devices.

Power Ups

Adds extra time to the clock so you have more time to form a word.

Swap two blocks to either help form a word or form a word instantly.

Swap two Columns of blocks to help move blocks into position faster.

Swap two Rows of blocks to help move blocks into position faster.

Replaces the grid of blocks with a new random set of blocks.

The Bomb!!! It blows up the grid and resets it to its default starting size.

When you can't seems to spot a word press this button to get a hint. Hints cost 2 coins to view but if for some reason the hint cannot find word, no coins will be subtracted from you.


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