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Summit Exercises and Tiny Count Down. Use these apps to track your fitness program and time your exercises.

• New: PT Goniometer

Use your iDevice to measure a patient's range of motion. Record and print measurements.

Summit Exercises

Track your Summit Wellness Center exercise programs in the palm of your hand.  Great for if you need to work out at home or when on vacation. Keep track of your current  set of exercises, and if your exercises need to be timed, use the handy built in countdown timer(s) to track your progress while performing an exercise.


- Designed to be easy to use.
- Share your exercises between your mobile devices. (Android coming soon!)
- Your physical therapist can create your workout program for you and upload it to your device via email, or Air Drop.
- Stores multiple exercise programs, great for tracking changes to your workouts or if you use workout sets.
- Timed exercises have a built in timer control, never look for another stop watch again.
- Timed exercises resume when you restart the app after a call or other device activity.
- Notifications, if accepted, keep you informed when timers end.
- Timed exercises with multiple sets track what set you are on.
- Added Apple Watch support.  View and edit exercises and workouts straight from the watch. Interact with timers, starting or stopping them from the watch or the phone.

Android App Now Available!!!

The Android version of this app can now be downloaded from the following link
Drop Box File. The file is self signed so you may need to authorize the device to install the app since it is not yet on the Google Play Store.

Tiny Count Down

If you need to time something for less than an hour then this app is just right for you. Its a very simple Count Down timer that supports notifications and Handoff.


- Simple to use.
- Can time an event that is less than an hour.
- Has built-in support for notifications so that you still get notified when the time runs out even if you are working in another app.
- Has a built-in 3 seconds count down towards the end of the timer.
- Allows you to handoff  to other iDevices.
- Added Apple Watch support. Start/Stop timer from the watch.

Handoff Note:

When handing off and active timer to another device the time might not match due to time differences between devices.  If you want handoff to work successfully both devices should have their times synchronized.