A bunch of crazy sky divers decided it would be fun to dive out of a helicopter above the Pacific Ocean. Little did they suspect that the spot they choose was shark infested. Lucky for them a lone fisherman in a small boat spotted them and decided to try and rescue them.

You are the lone fisherman trying to save as many sky divers from the sharks. How many will you be able to save?

Game play:

Playing the game is easy. Use one of the control methods to move the fisherman left or right and catch as many of the divers as you can. Each diver is worth one point each. If a diver falls into the water that diver is lost to the circling shark. Watch out for the mischievous monkey in the tree. He will throw coconuts at your head every once in a while. If you are hit by a coconut you will be temporarily stunned. Catch the bubbles rising from the water to earn points which you can spend in the BailOut!!! Store to buy more lives and advance your trophies.


• Three ways to control the fisherman - motion, touch, and classic buttons.
• Game center enabled - compare your high scores with those of your friends.
• Facebook integration
• 8 Achievements up for grabs.
• Fully supports the iPad 3.
• Collect points in the game and spend them in the BailOut!!! Store.
• Free to download and play. The only restriction is that you cannot use your points to advance your trophies.
• Purchase the Full Game Unlock in the BailOut!!! Store and unlock the ability to use your points to advance your trophies. The Full Game Unlock also removes any ads in the game.