This is the website companion app for the website of Mary Mediatrix Medical Center. It has the following features: 
  • Access to  all doctor information from your iDevice.
  • Make an appointment with a doctor directly from your iDevice.
  • Downloaded data stays on your device so that even without network coverage the information you need is at your fingertips.
  • Manage downloaded content to save space on your device.
  • New data is downloaded when it is made available.

Using the App

The app is designed to be simple to use. At the bottom of the main menu screen are a set of icons which you can scroll by swiping left or right. The image that appears in the blue center portion is the menu currently being displayed. See the image below for details.

Clicking on the buttons on any page will call up an additional page which will allow you to return to the main menu by clicking the button with the following icon:

Note that some buttons, such as the "View Map Using Maps App" and "Visit Web Site" buttons, will launch other iOS Apps on your device.  You can go back to the app double clicking the iDevice "Home" button and selecting the MMMC App.

Making An Appointment

When creating an appointment with a doctor all fields must be filled out.  A message will let you know if the appointment was received by the server and successfully sent to Mary Mediatrix Medical Center.  Appointments can be viewed and deleted by tapping on the "Appointments" button in the Doctor's Directory on the Main Menu screen.  Please note that deleting an appointment will not notify Mary Mediatrix Medical Center about its deletion.  Also note that it may take some time for Mary Mediatrix Medical Center to confirm the appointment request.

Managing Files

The settings screen has a button that will call up a file manager screen.  In this screen it is possible to delete files that have been downloaded to the device in case space is at a premium.

A Note about the calendar

You must grant the app access to your calendar information if you want to see the upcoming events. In some instances the calendar data does not show up in the calendar because of the privacy settings of the device.  If this happens go to the settings app, select the privacy setting, then click on calendars and turn on the calendar named "Mary Mediatrix Medical Center."