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Summit Exercises and Tiny Count Down. Use these apps to track your fitness program and time your exercises.

• New: PT Goniometer

Use your iDevice to measure a patient's range of motion. Record and print measurements.


This is the website companion app for the website of Mary Mediatrix Medical Center. It has the following features: 
  • Access to  all doctor information from your iDevice.
  • Make an appointment with a doctor directly from your iDevice.
  • Downloaded data stays on your device so that even without network coverage the information you need is at your fingertips.
  • Manage downloaded content to save space on your device.
  • New data is downloaded when it is made available.

Using the App

The app is designed to be simple to use. At the bottom of the main menu screen are a set of icons which you can scroll by swiping left or right. The image that appears in the blue center portion is the menu currently being displayed. See the image below for details.

Clicking on the buttons on any page will call up an additional page which will allow you to return to the main menu by clicking the button with the following icon:

Note that some buttons, such as the "View Map Using Maps App" and "Visit Web Site" buttons, will launch other iOS Apps on your device.  You can go back to the app double clicking the iDevice "Home" button and selecting the MMMC App.

Making An Appointment

When creating an appointment with a doctor all fields must be filled out.  A message will let you know if the appointment was received by the server and successfully sent to Mary Mediatrix Medical Center.  Appointments can be viewed and deleted by tapping on the "Appointments" button in the Doctor's Directory on the Main Menu screen.  Please note that deleting an appointment will not notify Mary Mediatrix Medical Center about its deletion.  Also note that it may take some time for Mary Mediatrix Medical Center to confirm the appointment request.

Managing Files

The settings screen has a button that will call up a file manager screen.  In this screen it is possible to delete files that have been downloaded to the device in case space is at a premium.

A Note about the calendar

You must grant the app access to your calendar information if you want to see the upcoming events. In some instances the calendar data does not show up in the calendar because of the privacy settings of the device.  If this happens go to the settings app, select the privacy setting, then click on calendars and turn on the calendar named "Mary Mediatrix Medical Center."


This is the website companion app for the Philippine Society of Digestive End
oscopy. It has the following features:
  • Take all the website data with you wherever you go.
  • Downloaded data stays on your device so that even without network coverage the information you need is at your fingertips.
  • iCloud support ensures that all devices stay in sync.
  • New data is downloaded when it is made available.
  • Find a doctor near you using the Doctor Search feature.
Note: Some features require you to login using your username and password supplied to you by the PSDE. These are member only features and username and passwords are given to members of the PSDE only.

Using the App

The app is designed to be easy to use, and follows Apple's standards so that anyone who has worked with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch will be familiar with navigating the user interface. To view articles or doctor profiles simply tap on the name of the article or doctor to call up a new screen with the requested data. To go back either tap the main menu button at the bottom the screen or the back button at the top left corner of the screen.

Upon starting the app for the 1st time a popup will display asking you if you want to enable iCloud support. This popup  will only be displayed the 1st time you start up the app regardless of your choice to enable or disable iCloud.  If you choose to enable iCloud at this time then any iCloud enabled functions will be automatically enabled. If you decline, then you must turn these features on by tapping the settings button at the bottom of the main menu screen at a later time.

The Main Menu

When the app has fully loaded you will be presented with a screen with big buttons on it. This is the main navigation menu for the app and it looks like the following image below:

On devices with smaller screens the number of buttons available will be less than shown. To access content for a specific menu item tap the icon and the app will display a new screen with the appropriate content.

On devices that have smaller screens it will be necessary to swipe your finger left to right or right to left across the navigation buttons.  This will call up a new or previous page of menu buttons for you to select.

At the bottom of the main screen you will find three (3) small buttons that look like the image below:

The buttons, when touched, will curl the current menu up just as if you where lifting a page up from a notepad to see the next page under it. To return to the main menu simply tap the curl at the top-left corner of the screen to cause the page to curl down and display the main menu again. See Image below:

App Settings

All settings in the app use a toggle button that either sets a feature to "on" or "off". Swipe left to right or right to left on the toggle button to enable or disable a feature.
  • Auto login: This feature allows you to enter your login details once and not have to bother with logins ever again. Take care, if your device is left unattended it may be possible for someone to access member only information from your device.
  • iCloud Sync: This feature enables or disables iCloud support in the app.  When enabled, any documents you delete will also be deleted from any other iDevices that support iCloud. If you disable file delete then the files will stay on their devices but will not be displayed until they manually reset the app data for a given menu item.  See the section resetting app data
  • Delete Files: This option when enabled will automatically delete all data marked for removal. If iCloud is enabled it will also remove all data marked from removal from all other iDevices that have the app installed an iCloud enabled. This allows you to save space on your iDevices and is enabled by default.

Marking Items For Removal

In some portions of the site, specifically the ones that deal with articles, it is possible to remove items from the list presented. To remove an article from the list presented simply swipe your finger right to left from the right edge of the screen. Make sure you are starting your swipe at the right height so that the swipe goes across the article you want to remove. see the image below:

Tap the delete button to remove the item. To cancel a removal operation swipe your finger left to right over the delete button to hide it again.

Resetting Data

To reset data for any given section look for the following item  at the bottom of the screen and tap it. This will reload the data that was removed. You will have to do this for each separate menu item that supports deleting data.

Evacuate Titanic

The Titanic has struck an ice berg and is quickly filling up with water. Evacuate as many passengers as possible before she sinks. This game is the brain child of my good friend Carlos Madrid, a big Titanic fan. When he approached me with the concept I decided to help him realise his game design.


- Full Iphone 5 support.
- Game Center Support: Earn trophies and share your highscores with others in Game Center.
- Facebook and Twitter Integration: Post your score and any trophies earned to your wall or tweet them to your friends.
- Two types of game play: Realistic and Simplified. In Realistic mode passengers of lower class cannot jump over passengers of a higher class which changes the strategy completely.
- Two types of pawns: Period Pieces and Classic Pieces.

Game Play:

The game is based on a checkers/Chinese checkers concept. Pawns can jump over other pawns and just like checkers it is possible to jump over multiple other pawns as long as a jump point exits. In realistic mode pawns cannot jump over pawns of a higher class, i.e.. 3rd class pawns cannot jump over 2nd or 1st class pawns. 2nd class pawns can jump over 3rd class pawns, but not over 1st class pawns. 1st class pawns can jump over any pawn. In simplified mode any pawn can jump over another pawn regardless of class.

When a pawn is selected it will blink. The pawn will continue to blink until another pawn is selected or there is no other valid move available to it. Tapping on an empty square will move the pawn to that square, selecting an occupied square will select the pawn on that square.

Pawns must be loaded into the eight (8) lifeboats along side the titanic and you must position a crew member pawn on the specially marked boarding squares at the entrances to the lifeboats. To release a lifeboat, move a crew member pawn into the lifeboat.  Keep in mind that releasing a lifeboat will keep it separated from the ship for 10 seconds before it reattaches itself to Titanic.
The captain pawn cannot be moved into a lifeboat but can be used as jump point.

Water will slowly move from left to right to indicate that the titanic is filling up. Evacuate as many pawns from the ship as you can before the water reaches the last boarding square. Keep in mind that as the ship fills with water the speed of her sinking will increase.


Pawns and Squares:

Captain Pawns: Cannot be moved off the ship but can serve as a jump point and to claim a throphy.

period piece

Crew Pawns: Used to evacuate passengers, position them at the entrance to the life boats shown below as the light coloured square.

period piece
Boarding Square

Child Pawns: Depending on the style of the pawns movement restrictions may apply, in classic more only a single pawn denotes a child an this pawn can jump over any other pawn. Period piece child pawns may be subject to movement restrictions based on their class if playing the game on the realistic difficulty setting.

period piece 1st class 
period piece 2nd class 
period piece 3rd class

Adult Pawns: The adult pawns can be subject to movement restrictions if the game is set to realistic difficulty. In this setting, pawns cannot jump over pawns of a higher class, i.e. 3rd class cannot jump over 2nd class pawns, 2nd class cannot jump over 1st class.

Male - 1st class
Female - 1st class
Male - 1st class
period piece
Female - 1st class
Period Piece

Male - 2nd class
Female - 2nd class
Male - 2nd class
period piece 
Female - 2nd class
period piece

Male - 3rd class
Female - 3rd class
Male - 3rd class
period piece 
Female - 3rd class
period piece


A bunch of crazy sky divers decided it would be fun to dive out of a helicopter above the Pacific Ocean. Little did they suspect that the spot they choose was shark infested. Lucky for them a lone fisherman in a small boat spotted them and decided to try and rescue them.

You are the lone fisherman trying to save as many sky divers from the sharks. How many will you be able to save?

Game play:

Playing the game is easy. Use one of the control methods to move the fisherman left or right and catch as many of the divers as you can. Each diver is worth one point each. If a diver falls into the water that diver is lost to the circling shark. Watch out for the mischievous monkey in the tree. He will throw coconuts at your head every once in a while. If you are hit by a coconut you will be temporarily stunned. Catch the bubbles rising from the water to earn points which you can spend in the BailOut!!! Store to buy more lives and advance your trophies.


• Three ways to control the fisherman - motion, touch, and classic buttons.
• Game center enabled - compare your high scores with those of your friends.
• Facebook integration
• 8 Achievements up for grabs.
• Fully supports the iPad 3.
• Collect points in the game and spend them in the BailOut!!! Store.
• Free to download and play. The only restriction is that you cannot use your points to advance your trophies.
• Purchase the Full Game Unlock in the BailOut!!! Store and unlock the ability to use your points to advance your trophies. The Full Game Unlock also removes any ads in the game.

Egg Frenzy

Do you have what it takes to take on a frenzy of egg laying chickens? Try to catch as many eggs as you can while the chickens whiz by the conveyor belt and lay their eggs when you least expect it.

Compare your high scores with those of your friends and see how many chickens and eggs you where able to process.

The game supports Air Play so enjoy the game on the big screen and use your phone or pad as a joystick.

The following eggs are worth different points:

10 points

30 points

90 points

The Color of the Chicken determines the type of egg it will lay: (version 1.5.3 and up)

This chicken lays Golden eggs 

 This chicken lays random colored eggs (white, gold, rainbow)

This chicken only lays white eggs

This chicken will lay only rainbow colored eggs.

Space Pirates - Grid Wars

Do battle with a lot of crazy pirates as you fight your way through 60 levels of mayhem in deep space. You are in command of the Stingray Mk IV, the galaxy’s state of the art deep space combat vessel. The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rid the galaxy of all pirate ships. Encounter some crazy indestructible aliens along the way, and use your surroundings to clear the levels. Choose to fire your weapons at the enemy or move your ship to a new grid position. Think carefully before you act since you can only choose one of these actions per turn. During your battles you will encounter three types of pirate ships. Each ship is more deadly then the other and may require you to adjust your strategy.

The following ship designs appear in the game:

Stingray Mk IV - Your ship with side firing lasers.

Hammerhead Mk I - A pirate vessel who’s sole aim is to ram you. This ship has no weapons and does not carry a very smart crew.

Hammerhead Mk II - A pirate vessel who’s sole aim is to ram you. This ship has no weapons but its crew will try and avoid obstacles and other enemy pirates.

Manta Ray - The most dangerous pirate ship of them all. This ship has side firing lasers and its crew will try to avoid obstacles and other pirate ships. They know how to use their lasers and do not care who or what gets in their way.

This is an alien from another universe. It has indestructible armor and shields and goes where it wants without any regard for other ships in its path.

A brief word about obstacles:

Planets and asteroids are natural barriers that only aliens can cross safely. You and the pirates cannot go across a grid space that contains these obstacles. In fact, pirates can and do slam into the obstacles from time to time.

The wormholes on the edges of the grid teleport you to a random spot on the map. Beware, it may help in a pinch but it could put you right beside an enemy ship.