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Summit Exercises and Tiny Count Down. Use these apps to track your fitness program and time your exercises.

• New: PT Goniometer

Use your iDevice to measure a patient's range of motion. Record and print measurements.

Training Timers

Training Timers

Offering a wide range of timers to choose from and the ability to share them with your friends and other devices, you'll never need another timer app again. 

If you use an Apple Watch get timely notifications when an exercise ends and see what exercise follows. You can also select a timer on the watch and control it if you install the Apple Watch version of the app to your watch.
Timers Offered:

- Simple Timer: good for stretching and single exercises. Also good for cooking!
- HIIT Timer: good for interval training. Provides an interchangeable low and high intensity timer. 
- Circuit Timer: good for circuit training. Allows you to add multiple timed exercises to the workout. 
- Tabata Timer: similar to a circuit timer but then with 8 sets. Also allows multiple exercises.
- Round Timer: good for a single exercise that needs to be repeated often. Offers a break timer between rounds. 
- Compound Timer: Combine multiple different timers to form a complex timed workout. 

Features of Timers:

Each timer offers the ability to set audio alerts, exercise music, and warmup and cool down timers. 
Audio alerts include short and long beeps for count ins and count downs. Voice alerts are also available, including the option to speak the name of individual timers and exercises. 

Color code your exercise and warmup/cool down timers so you can easily identify what exercise you are on. 

Most timers also offer an overrun option that allows the timer to continue after it has completed. 

Timers offering multiple exercises also offer a randomization option to mix up the workout. 

All timers offer the option of a three second count in before the start of the exercise. 

Custom Audio Files:

Using iTunes it is possible to upload your own MP3 music files to the app.  Once a file has been transferred to the app it will be available under the Exercise Music->Custom Audio File section of each timer. You can use iTunes to remove any files you no longer want,thereby freeing up space on your device.


- Bug fixes for timer sequencing.
- Updated to support iOS 10.
- Added Siri Support: You can now start your workouts by saying "Start 'workout name' using Training Timers"
- Added the ability for full screen colors during workouts.
- App settings sync between devices if iCloud is enabled and available.
- Updated Dutch language.